Sunday, 11 January 2009

More Plumbing, Weekend Stuff and Gigging News


Hey all, hope your all fine and dandy x Hope you like the new look, I've spruced up the thing a bit lol....make yourselves comfortable your very welcome ;)

Sorry I've not been doing the rounds the last couple of days, bit slack of me!! No real excuses but hey...................

So what's new in my part of the world? Well the sink is still blocked!! I've been determined to unblock it myself, even to the stage of looking it up on the web and found a great site which shows me which bit I need to get too to sort it out etc. Figured I shouldn't do that so Friday I finally rang the agent!! I was very nice started off the call by wishing him a happy new year :o) He said he'd get onto the plumber and that was that...........have heard nothing since lol Still that's not that long ago is it and I shouldn't be impatient!! Heard it gurgling so it's definitely still there :(

Work is still work and

Did well with the exercise last week, did my excercise video twice :o) Planning which one to go with this week. It's nice to have a choice so you don't get bored. lol Didn't do too bad on the eating healthy either. Just gotta keep it going and that's the main thing.

This weekend I've been to Trina's, as you know it was her birthday last Monday. We went to the zoo in Paignton. Unfortunately didn't see the red panda or the cheetah but enjoyed it none the less. Definitely recommend for a visit. I shall post the pics I took, if i can work out how too on here ;) later in the week x

Just testing ;)

We got back to theirs and pretty much recreated new years eve, nibbles galore, Mario Kart on the Wii and Guitar Hero 4 :o) I didn't sing this time on guitar hero but played bass, think I may have found my calling lol................Not to blow my own trumpet ;)

Today we watched Prince Caspian (love that film) and had a meal in the Harvester not far from here. I had tuna steak with rice and salsa stuff, it was nice :o) All in all a good weekend and she liked her pressies which was good. I got her a small set of Paddington bear books and a Jemima Puddleduck statue. I found out that she liked this stuff last year. Used to good advantage lol

I'm very, very happy Dancing on Ice is back. The one show I will actually champion if I need to lol............Michael to win :o) For those of you who are watching, what do you think? The boys were good weren't they?

Did i tell you in my last post that Trina and I are going to our first gig of the year in a couple of weeks? Well the
SAS band are playing at one of the venues in the O2 and Mr Roger Taylor *yum* is playing too :o) He'll probably only do one or two songs but after last years Cosmos Rocks tour I said that we can't miss out on any opportunity to see him. Plus our mate Sheila is kindly putting us up. YAY shall be good fun I haven't been to an SAS concert in years!!! Check out the link if you wanna know more x

Unfortunately I am still awaiting my brother to come round and sort out my computer. I sent him a text the other day asking when he's coming and he's ignored me...........why do I feel like saying typical bloke (no offence readers ;) but seriously................. I think I shall have to bug him on facebook lol.

Well not sure what else to say................Hope you all have a good week x Looks like from my weather thingy I'm in for heavy rain during the walk to work tomorrow ~ joy!!!

Laters xx



Yasmin said...

The agent should have sent somebody by now, anyway glad you had a nice weekend and Trina had a nice Birthday. I just bough the Davina Macall workout the first 2 on special offer on Amazon I'll let you know.

Take care


Beth said...

Roger Taylor as in Roger Taylor of Queen? *yum* is right--he was always my favorite!!

louise said...

Glad you are OK, hope you get your plumbing sorted soon Louise xx

Sandra said...

Hi Jenny,

You should get back on to your agent, a blocked sink can be a health hazard and he should get a plumber to you NOW!

I don`t watch Dancing on Ice I`m afraid, I`m a Strictly fan. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

Jenny said...

I have spent the last two years meaning to start again my workout videos. I think it stil needs some more thinking about.
Jenny <><

Joyce said...

I can just see Jenny under the sink in her plumber coveralls. lol.
Glad you had a nice time with Trina. I love a Zoo.
Hugs, Joyce

Indigo said...

Ah, I knew it wouldn't be long before you were back to the shows. Sounds like your sticking to your workouts and diet rather well hon.

As for the sink, I would ring up the agent again and tell him your still waiting on the plumber. Perhaps he forgot, thought they had already been could be anything.

Your in my thoughts!(Hugs)Indigo

Sugar said...

wanted to come by & wish you a happy new year. hope it's a good one.

Jeannette said...

I hope the plumber has been by now Jenny, blocked sinks shouldn't have to wait so long. I've been to Paignton zoo, many moons ago! I loved it and still remember Percy the bison who head butted the bars of his pen when I got near, frightened me to death! Lol! Enjoy the weekend and stay warm in this freezing weather! Jeannette xx