Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Hey Journal Buddies :o)

Hope you are all well and ready for Christmas? I am currently at mum's typing this using her lap top. It's alright for some having a lap top isn't it? I bet most of you have one, well just know that I am very jealous of those of you who have one lol............
Anyway I know yet again I have to apologise I have been very slack in updating this journal. It's not that I have forgotten you all coz I haven't!! I have just been very very lazy and doing stupid things like playing internet games or spending FAR too much time on facebook!! I promise, and this is my solemn promise that in 2009 I will get back to updating, not everyday coz then my entries would get very boring but every few days or so. Plus there are many gigs to tell you about ;) I shall also get back to reading, as much as I can!
Well I just wanted to leave a quick message to wish all you bloggers out there:

Hope you all have a lovely time with your friends and family where ever you are xxx

Lots of hugs
P.s I was close to packing this in doing this entry as I couldn't figure out how to add graphics. Lucky you I have figured it out lol ;)