Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Small Catch Up

Hello all *waves*

Thanks for following my journal :o) I feel very priviledged. But it's so nice to see we are all coming over to blogger. I think I have most of your journals under my followings and I will get back to commenting but thought I better leave a quick entry to let you know why I've been absent from J-land particularly since July.

The main cause to the problem was AOHell and how they were always playing up, not sending out alerts or just being a pain in the backside. I also found I spent most of my night's reading journals and if I was ever away for a day and came back I would have lots of alerts. I just needed a break.

This break just went on and on and it didn't mean to last that long but it just did!! Since writing I've been to Reading Festival, and am currently following Queen and Paul Rogers around on tour. We've been to Paris and Germany and will shortly be on the UK leg in the mad stalker bus :o) Should be fun but I'm not sure if I'm going to survive as I'm sooooooooooooooo tired.

My other main news is that for many, many years I've had a cyst on the back of my neck. Up until recently it's fine, never had a problem with it, it was just ugly to look at. Well then it started to hurt, couldn't lie on it so didn't sleep much, it hurt to pull t-shirts on etc. I was miserable by this. Went to the doctor and she told me I had an infection and gave me two different lots of Penicillin to take :(

On the Thursday it started leaking pus, I can't begin to describe how disgusting it was!!! Friday I called in sick at work and it was still pussing, but stopped at some point. By night time though it started again and this got me down further. Trina, bless her heart came round to look after me on the Saturday and brought me dressings, which I then had to change every now and then!! On the Monday I had another appointment with the dr and she decided it needed draining. So the nurse and the dr did that, gave me another prescription and more dressings and for the next couple of days I had to keep going back :( Problem was I was going to Paris for the QPR gig.

On the Thursday when we got back I had to go to the drop in clinic at the hospital and they drained it again. Had to keep going back there all weekend. I was so fed up. On the Friday they told me it was so much better, yet on the Saturday I'm being told it needs draining and surgery is mentioned again :( Monday I had to see the dr again and luckily she tells me it is looking a lot better and I could stop wearing the dressings but she was referring me to the dermatology department at the hospital.

So I have an appointment with them on November 4th :( It's just come at the wrong flippin' time but at least it doesn't hurt anymore. I'm still taking my pills though. I reckon by the end of the year I shall be rattling lol

So there you go...............what I've been up to in a nutshell :o) I will be back to posting properly once the tour ends. So take care of yourselves and thanks for reading xx

Monday, 6 October 2008

A New Home ~ woohooo

Hi Peeps,

So here we are at a new home!! How exciting :o) Good to see so many of the j-land peeps round here, so hopefully we can stay in touch. It sucks so much what they have done to J-land!! Still at least now I can leave AOHell if I want too :o)

Anyway it's been long time no hear I know and I apologise but I shall explain honest..............

For now though I'm just checking how things work ;)