Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Major Catch Up!!!

Hello how are you? Wow, it's been a long time again since I last wrote in this journal. I am crap at writing entries, this is official!!! I was considering writing an entry anyway and then I got a comment on a previous post from one of you lovely people asking after me, so that convinced me I definitely need to do a catch up.

So far this year it's been absolute crap, followed by absolute happiness. Let me just remind myself where I had left you................I was having problems with the plumbing and awaiting my brother to fix my computer as I was having problems with Windows and AOHell.

The plumbing did eventually clear up. I noticed this when I was off work with a sickness bug, had spent all night being sick and had only realised the next day that the toilet was flushing okay and there were no gurgling noises lol......

My brother came round one night and installed a 'proper' copy of Windows so I don't get a message about missing files. He also tried to get my wireless internet working so I could get online via my laptop. Unfortunately something isn't talking to the other thing and without the wires attached I cannot access it. Silly technology!! The lovely Debbie from Debsdabs helped me sort out my AOHell problem and for that I am eternally grateful :o)

Now comes the bad part of the news............February was an awful month!! At the beginning my Nan who was in a home in Bedfordshire passed away. She had MS and I had not seen her for many years. You may remember me mentioning how I was going to go and see her at some point. Well that point never came and I think I shall always feel guilty about not doing more to go and see her. I did manage to speak to her on the phone briefly the weekend before she passed and I did tell her that I love her. I shall find some comfort in that!!

At the end of the month I went with my brother to Bedford and we attended her funeral. I had never been to a funeral and found the whole affair rather upsetting. Unfortunately I was the only one crying my eyes out. What I was surprised about was afterwards when I was clearly upset, it wasn't my brother or my dad who offered me comfort but a lady I had never met before. If I remember correctly she was my nan's cousin or something like that, bless her.

After the funeral Greg (that's my brother) and I asked Dad where Grandad's headstone was as we had no idea where it was and had never seen it. As we were in the area we thought we should take advantage of this. Dad not only gave us the directions but came with us. I have to say I felt upset when I saw the headstone, as he was cremated it was just flat in the ground, not raised like the others. Plus it's underneath a tree and if Dad had not been there we would never had found it!!! It saddens me that no-one is there to tend to it :( My grandad, the uncle I never knew and my gran if she gets added will just disappear!!

I have vowed that I do not wish to attend another funeral!!! On a positive note it was lovely to see my aunty again. I have not seen her since 1999!!! Isn't that bad of me??? *note to self must write her a letter*

Right so that's the sad stuff out of the way...........of course we had all that cold weather as well. It was treacherous walking to and from work. I did manage to get some pics:

That is the hill I walk down on the way home.
You can see my flat in this one :o)
My feet in the snow :o) I had to go and tread in all the bits that didn't have footprints in. I'm such a big kid lol

The river with snow around it, how nice. So that's some pics for you and onto even happier news :o)

Wayne, Trina and myself went to see the band the Kaiser Chiefs at the beginning of March. Trina talked about stalking them, but as all previous stalking attempts for various bands had failed, I naturally assumed this one would. Saying that though I still went round the back with Trina and Wayne went back to the car telling us to be there at midnight at the latest as he had to go to work the next morning. Well to cut a long story short (or else this will be an epic entry ;)

Me and lead singer Ricky Wilson :o)

I have been grinning about this ever since!! LOL..............I had to laugh about this picture after what one of my queenie friends that I spoke to at the convention said. He had seen this picture on my facebook profile and not knowing who Ricky is, said to me, 'so you have a new love in your life?' I was like 'noooooo, don't think so,' confused look on my face. He had seen the pic and assumed he was a new boyfriend tee hee hee...................I wish lol

The convention was at the end of March and apart from it's usual drama's we had a blimin' good time and I love my queenie mates so much :o) It appears we may meet up later in the year as Roger Taylor (the other love of my life) is 60 this year *eeek* lol We are meeting up to commiserate/congratulate!!!

Anyway that was a brief synopsis of what's been happening. Hope your all okay and I'm sorry for not having been round lately :( I hope you can all forgive me x