Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Routine and Plumbing News

Ok so I guess it's well overdue for another entry!! At the moment I have a nice routine in the evenings, here's what I do:

Get home, (exercise DVD if it's Monday or Wednesday)
Watch Simpsons,
Do stuff on computer, like make tags in PSP or clear the emails
Cook tea
Whilst cooking tea, do domestic stuff like clear up
Eat tea,
Read journals,
Log off computer and watch an episode of the Tudors
Go to bed

I've been getting into bed earlier. When I say earlier i mean early for me ;) which is always a bonus lol. So by the time I've done all that I don't have time to leave an entry. Well tonight I'm making the sacrifice lol

Right so what to tell you...............let's start with the plumbing. I'm guessing someone has been coz I had my usual tell tale signs that someone's been in the flat. The door just inside the entrance is open, I usually shut it, there was hair in the toilet, I put it in the bin, there was a glow coming from the kitchen aka my kettle had been left on, I turn off all electrical items before I leave in the morning, I ain't made of money lol.................So you can see someone has been, but has it made a difference? Has it hell!!!!! The water does drain but it's not draining very quickly, everything is still gurgling and to be honest with it my opinion is sod it!!! If they can't be bothered to sort it out, why should I chase them!!! At the end of the day the toilet is flushing, and I can do my washing up and clothes washing without any problems. I shall wait until it's a major problem before I chase them again!!!!

This weekend was fairly quiet. On Saturday for the first time ever I went to the supermarket Lidl. It's a bit of a walk but I thought I would check them out. It wasn't anything special and seemed to be set out quite strangely. I did however found the fantastic biscuits that my friend Sheila had at Wembley when we were queueing. This does nothing for my healthy eating malarkey but hey...............if you can't be bad at the weekend, when can you? lol

Sunday I did nothing!!! Well I watched the Green Mile, Ice Age 2 and Dancing on Ice. Not a complete waste lol ;) I did make a pork casserole and managed to chop two whole onions without crying, yay me!!

This weekend Trina and I are going to London so that should be fun :o)

My brother has finally got back to me, he reckons he'll contact me in the next couple of weeks to come round and fix this computer. AOHell email is doing my head in at the moment. It won't let me download anything, forward anything, reply to anything. Hopefully this will get sorted whilst the computer's having a health check.

Not sure what else to say so I shall leave you here for now and if I remember anything else to tell you I shall make another entry ;)

Oooooo the secret life of elephants, anybody watch that last week? Damn it's good :o) I was in tears nearly the whole programme.

Oh and I'm not a big follower of politics and don't really understand it but all I have to say today is good luck to Barrack Obama...................

Laters x


that's one I've made ;)


Yasmin said...

Well at least the plumbing is working, so chase when you need to.

I haven't yet started my excerside DVD bu will by the weekend.

I watched Ice Age and Dancing on ice felt a bit sorry for Claire Bissex.

I've got rid of AOL and went over to tiscali so much better.

Take care


Joyce said...

Good for you exercising. I see you are really doing well with PSP. Wondering if you are still in the same group. I love my group.
Hugs, Joyce

Saltydawg said...

Theres nothing worse than when ya plumbings blocked up. Oh Jen, I sympathise.
Try Mr Muscle drain cleaner, it worked for me.
Gaz xx

Indigo said...

It's one of the things I don't miss about apartment living - is the landlord giving keys to whomever to come in and invade your privacy, even if it's to do repairs.

Sounds like your keeping yourself on task to keep your health in check. Enjoy London with Trini. I know you two always manage to have a blast together. (Hugs)Indigo

Sandra said...

Hi Jenny, Hmm...you have got the plumbing working better but they should have done the job properly. I hope you won`t need to call them back for a while.

Healthy eating....whats that??? lolol! ;o)))

Love and ((Hugs))

Sandra xxxx

Connie said...

You should set up a video camera when you leave and see just who's coming in-lord only knows what all is being done...ooohhh I loved the Green Mile.
Love your tags....I just sent you one I made for ya--guess I shoulda just sent the tube so you can do it your way..think I will send it..

Stephanie said...

I just looked at your profile and realized that my old pen pal, Claire, lived in your area.

If you lived closer, I'd send my husband over, he's a plumber! Good luck.

Tabby said...


I just found your blog, I love it :)

Ally Lifewithally said...

Just popping in to say Hello ~ long time since I did that ~ glad you got the plumbing sorted ~ Allyx

Connie said...

wondering how you be sweet gal...hope all is well
Many hugs