Thursday, 15 January 2009

Photo Entry

Hey guys,

Well I promised you some photos, I've uploaded quite a few from my mobile to the computer so let's see what I've got :o) Enjoy x

Xmas lights around the cupboard :)
Mum with her bad arm just before Xmas.
Meggy :o)
The sunset one evening walking home from work
Mum's house at Xmas - Me :o)
Mum - we were playing Pictionary

Queen came on the TV :o)
Meggy concentrating on Pictionary
Walk to work in the morning - it was a cold day !!

Well that's it for my photo entry hope you enjoyed, probably another one soon. Still got those zoo pics to show you ;)
Jen x


Beth said...

Hey, I DO rock! LOL

Thanks for sharing the pics, Jenny! I enjoyed seeing pics of you and your family.

Joyce said...

Oh nice entry. Loved the photo's. Thanks so much for sharing Penny.
Hugs, Joyce

Stephanie said...

Love the pictures!

Indigo said...

Loved the pictures hon. The backgrounds great too, perfect for you! (Hugs) Indigo

ADB said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of you and yours, Jen

Sara said...

Lovely happy photies :o)

I don't think I've ever played Pictionary... wants to play Pictionary!!


Sandra said...

Its so nice to see your family photos Jenny, you look so much like your Mum. :o)

Love and ((Hugs))

Sandra xxxx

Jeannette said...

Looks like you all enjoyed your Christmas, thanks for sharing yourn photos. Jeannette xx

Lori said...

Great photos! I really love the name of your new blog, too! Thanks for the nice comment you left about our dog Fancy. I really appreciate it.