Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year, New Entry................

Hey peeps,

Well I'm sticking to my promise and here we are January 1st 2009 and I'm writing an entry :o)

So I hope you all had a good christmas break? Unfortunately I have to go back to work tomorrow boo...........I didn't have any days left to take it as leave like everyone else lol. Still at least we should be busy, we got our accounts just before the break so there's those to do. Usually we get four weeks to do them in but we've only got two!!!!! Should be fun! Plus with not many others in we have to muck in and do all sorts of stuff.

Anyway enough work talk which sucks lol............My christmas was good fun, I seemed to laugh a lot. Christmas day I played Pictionary with mum and Meggy. For those of you who haven't played it, you've basically gotta draw the word whilst the others guess it. If only I could describe to you some of mum's drawings they were hysterical!!!!! Well once we learnt what the word was they were ;) LOL...............
In the evening I went to Trina's and opened more pressies yay. We had a laugh in the car ride down and played Mario Kart on the Wii later so that was fun.

The rest of my break was spent sorting through my cupboard in the bedroom and sleeping!!! I feel like i haven't slept for a year or something and now I'm making up for it lol...........Plus i watched a few film's here and there, I got a few DVD's for christmas.

Last night I went to Trina's again. We got lots and lots of nibbles and had some alcohol. We watched a couple of films, played Mario Kart, played Guitar Hero 4, then it was new years, so we went out and watched the fireworks. Damn it was cold!!!! We also tried out a party trick. You get a party popper and a malteser and try to catch the malteser in the party popper once you've popped it. So much fun.....................If you want a good laugh and your stuck for something to do, go on have a go ;) I do warn you though make sure you have a lot of light available at the time, but don't do it indoors unless you want damages. We went outside to try it and of course coz it was dark couldn't see the maltesers go up in the air let alone see them land lol.............

Anyway so here we are in the new year..................what are you hoping for? Me, not a lot!!! I don't think anything will get better gig wise than last year, but perhaps my personal life could this year!! I guess we shall see....................I need to concentrate on me, that's my main goal this year!!! I know it sounds selfish but it's all in good measure honest ;) I wanna eat healthy and lose weight blah blah all the usual stuff.

Wish me luck lol


D said...

Happy New Year I hope 2009 brings all good things your way

Beth said...

I don't think wanting to be healthier is selfish at all! You have to take care of YOU!

Sounds like you had a fabulous time. I wish you all good things in the coming year!

Hugs, Beth

Yasmin said...

Happy New Year Jenny, so good to see you posting again.


Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Happy New Year, Jenny! I think we all wish for good health in the new year...glad you had a good Christmas. xx

Joyce said...

Happy New Year my friend. Sounds like a great Christmas for you.
Hugs, Joyce

Winivere said...

(((Queenie)))... running to hug you! So happy to see you here! I've missed you. Wishing you the best for 2009!

ADB said...

Happy New Year, Jen