Tuesday 14 April 2009

Major Catch Up!!!

Hello how are you? Wow, it's been a long time again since I last wrote in this journal. I am crap at writing entries, this is official!!! I was considering writing an entry anyway and then I got a comment on a previous post from one of you lovely people asking after me, so that convinced me I definitely need to do a catch up.

So far this year it's been absolute crap, followed by absolute happiness. Let me just remind myself where I had left you................I was having problems with the plumbing and awaiting my brother to fix my computer as I was having problems with Windows and AOHell.

The plumbing did eventually clear up. I noticed this when I was off work with a sickness bug, had spent all night being sick and had only realised the next day that the toilet was flushing okay and there were no gurgling noises lol......

My brother came round one night and installed a 'proper' copy of Windows so I don't get a message about missing files. He also tried to get my wireless internet working so I could get online via my laptop. Unfortunately something isn't talking to the other thing and without the wires attached I cannot access it. Silly technology!! The lovely Debbie from Debsdabs helped me sort out my AOHell problem and for that I am eternally grateful :o)

Now comes the bad part of the news............February was an awful month!! At the beginning my Nan who was in a home in Bedfordshire passed away. She had MS and I had not seen her for many years. You may remember me mentioning how I was going to go and see her at some point. Well that point never came and I think I shall always feel guilty about not doing more to go and see her. I did manage to speak to her on the phone briefly the weekend before she passed and I did tell her that I love her. I shall find some comfort in that!!

At the end of the month I went with my brother to Bedford and we attended her funeral. I had never been to a funeral and found the whole affair rather upsetting. Unfortunately I was the only one crying my eyes out. What I was surprised about was afterwards when I was clearly upset, it wasn't my brother or my dad who offered me comfort but a lady I had never met before. If I remember correctly she was my nan's cousin or something like that, bless her.

After the funeral Greg (that's my brother) and I asked Dad where Grandad's headstone was as we had no idea where it was and had never seen it. As we were in the area we thought we should take advantage of this. Dad not only gave us the directions but came with us. I have to say I felt upset when I saw the headstone, as he was cremated it was just flat in the ground, not raised like the others. Plus it's underneath a tree and if Dad had not been there we would never had found it!!! It saddens me that no-one is there to tend to it :( My grandad, the uncle I never knew and my gran if she gets added will just disappear!!

I have vowed that I do not wish to attend another funeral!!! On a positive note it was lovely to see my aunty again. I have not seen her since 1999!!! Isn't that bad of me??? *note to self must write her a letter*

Right so that's the sad stuff out of the way...........of course we had all that cold weather as well. It was treacherous walking to and from work. I did manage to get some pics:

That is the hill I walk down on the way home.
You can see my flat in this one :o)
My feet in the snow :o) I had to go and tread in all the bits that didn't have footprints in. I'm such a big kid lol

The river with snow around it, how nice. So that's some pics for you and onto even happier news :o)

Wayne, Trina and myself went to see the band the Kaiser Chiefs at the beginning of March. Trina talked about stalking them, but as all previous stalking attempts for various bands had failed, I naturally assumed this one would. Saying that though I still went round the back with Trina and Wayne went back to the car telling us to be there at midnight at the latest as he had to go to work the next morning. Well to cut a long story short (or else this will be an epic entry ;)

Me and lead singer Ricky Wilson :o)

I have been grinning about this ever since!! LOL..............I had to laugh about this picture after what one of my queenie friends that I spoke to at the convention said. He had seen this picture on my facebook profile and not knowing who Ricky is, said to me, 'so you have a new love in your life?' I was like 'noooooo, don't think so,' confused look on my face. He had seen the pic and assumed he was a new boyfriend tee hee hee...................I wish lol

The convention was at the end of March and apart from it's usual drama's we had a blimin' good time and I love my queenie mates so much :o) It appears we may meet up later in the year as Roger Taylor (the other love of my life) is 60 this year *eeek* lol We are meeting up to commiserate/congratulate!!!

Anyway that was a brief synopsis of what's been happening. Hope your all okay and I'm sorry for not having been round lately :( I hope you can all forgive me x

Tuesday 20 January 2009

Routine and Plumbing News

Ok so I guess it's well overdue for another entry!! At the moment I have a nice routine in the evenings, here's what I do:

Get home, (exercise DVD if it's Monday or Wednesday)
Watch Simpsons,
Do stuff on computer, like make tags in PSP or clear the emails
Cook tea
Whilst cooking tea, do domestic stuff like clear up
Eat tea,
Read journals,
Log off computer and watch an episode of the Tudors
Go to bed

I've been getting into bed earlier. When I say earlier i mean early for me ;) which is always a bonus lol. So by the time I've done all that I don't have time to leave an entry. Well tonight I'm making the sacrifice lol

Right so what to tell you...............let's start with the plumbing. I'm guessing someone has been coz I had my usual tell tale signs that someone's been in the flat. The door just inside the entrance is open, I usually shut it, there was hair in the toilet, I put it in the bin, there was a glow coming from the kitchen aka my kettle had been left on, I turn off all electrical items before I leave in the morning, I ain't made of money lol.................So you can see someone has been, but has it made a difference? Has it hell!!!!! The water does drain but it's not draining very quickly, everything is still gurgling and to be honest with it my opinion is sod it!!! If they can't be bothered to sort it out, why should I chase them!!! At the end of the day the toilet is flushing, and I can do my washing up and clothes washing without any problems. I shall wait until it's a major problem before I chase them again!!!!

This weekend was fairly quiet. On Saturday for the first time ever I went to the supermarket Lidl. It's a bit of a walk but I thought I would check them out. It wasn't anything special and seemed to be set out quite strangely. I did however found the fantastic biscuits that my friend Sheila had at Wembley when we were queueing. This does nothing for my healthy eating malarkey but hey...............if you can't be bad at the weekend, when can you? lol

Sunday I did nothing!!! Well I watched the Green Mile, Ice Age 2 and Dancing on Ice. Not a complete waste lol ;) I did make a pork casserole and managed to chop two whole onions without crying, yay me!!

This weekend Trina and I are going to London so that should be fun :o)

My brother has finally got back to me, he reckons he'll contact me in the next couple of weeks to come round and fix this computer. AOHell email is doing my head in at the moment. It won't let me download anything, forward anything, reply to anything. Hopefully this will get sorted whilst the computer's having a health check.

Not sure what else to say so I shall leave you here for now and if I remember anything else to tell you I shall make another entry ;)

Oooooo the secret life of elephants, anybody watch that last week? Damn it's good :o) I was in tears nearly the whole programme.

Oh and I'm not a big follower of politics and don't really understand it but all I have to say today is good luck to Barrack Obama...................

Laters x


that's one I've made ;)

Thursday 15 January 2009

Photo Entry

Hey guys,

Well I promised you some photos, I've uploaded quite a few from my mobile to the computer so let's see what I've got :o) Enjoy x

Xmas lights around the cupboard :)
Mum with her bad arm just before Xmas.
Meggy :o)
The sunset one evening walking home from work
Mum's house at Xmas - Me :o)
Mum - we were playing Pictionary

Queen came on the TV :o)
Meggy concentrating on Pictionary
Walk to work in the morning - it was a cold day !!

Well that's it for my photo entry hope you enjoyed, probably another one soon. Still got those zoo pics to show you ;)
Jen x

Sunday 11 January 2009

More Plumbing, Weekend Stuff and Gigging News


Hey all, hope your all fine and dandy x Hope you like the new look, I've spruced up the thing a bit lol....make yourselves comfortable your very welcome ;)

Sorry I've not been doing the rounds the last couple of days, bit slack of me!! No real excuses but hey...................

So what's new in my part of the world? Well the sink is still blocked!! I've been determined to unblock it myself, even to the stage of looking it up on the web and found a great site which shows me which bit I need to get too to sort it out etc. Figured I shouldn't do that so Friday I finally rang the agent!! I was very nice started off the call by wishing him a happy new year :o) He said he'd get onto the plumber and that was that...........have heard nothing since lol Still that's not that long ago is it and I shouldn't be impatient!! Heard it gurgling so it's definitely still there :(

Work is still work and crap.............lol

Did well with the exercise last week, did my excercise video twice :o) Planning which one to go with this week. It's nice to have a choice so you don't get bored. lol Didn't do too bad on the eating healthy either. Just gotta keep it going and that's the main thing.

This weekend I've been to Trina's, as you know it was her birthday last Monday. We went to the zoo in Paignton. Unfortunately didn't see the red panda or the cheetah but enjoyed it none the less. Definitely recommend for a visit. I shall post the pics I took, if i can work out how too on here ;) later in the week x

Just testing ;)

We got back to theirs and pretty much recreated new years eve, nibbles galore, Mario Kart on the Wii and Guitar Hero 4 :o) I didn't sing this time on guitar hero but played bass, think I may have found my calling lol................Not to blow my own trumpet ;)

Today we watched Prince Caspian (love that film) and had a meal in the Harvester not far from here. I had tuna steak with rice and salsa stuff, it was nice :o) All in all a good weekend and she liked her pressies which was good. I got her a small set of Paddington bear books and a Jemima Puddleduck statue. I found out that she liked this stuff last year. Used to good advantage lol

I'm very, very happy Dancing on Ice is back. The one show I will actually champion if I need to lol............Michael to win :o) For those of you who are watching, what do you think? The boys were good weren't they?

Did i tell you in my last post that Trina and I are going to our first gig of the year in a couple of weeks? Well the
SAS band are playing at one of the venues in the O2 and Mr Roger Taylor *yum* is playing too :o) He'll probably only do one or two songs but after last years Cosmos Rocks tour I said that we can't miss out on any opportunity to see him. Plus our mate Sheila is kindly putting us up. YAY shall be good fun I haven't been to an SAS concert in years!!! Check out the link if you wanna know more x

Unfortunately I am still awaiting my brother to come round and sort out my computer. I sent him a text the other day asking when he's coming and he's ignored me...........why do I feel like saying typical bloke (no offence readers ;) but seriously................. I think I shall have to bug him on facebook lol.

Well not sure what else to say................Hope you all have a good week x Looks like from my weather thingy I'm in for heavy rain during the walk to work tomorrow ~ joy!!!

Laters xx


Monday 5 January 2009

Plumbing and Coldness


How are you all? It's nice to see some of you out there are interested in me doings lol

Well unfortunately the new year has taken a turn and not in a good direction. Last Thursday water stopped draining very quickly from the kitchen sink. Now it's affecting everything including the toilet :( It's acting like it does when we get heavy rain coz it's gurgling.......... I keep wondering if it is my pipes or whether it's my neighbours but I've not heard gurgling coming from downstairs. I've tried sink unblocker from Sainsburys and B and Q. I'm gonna try some more perhaps if I can get some and Trina's lent me her plunger. When I've given up trying I shall ring the agent, I just really don't want too :(

I've had a nice relaxing weekend. Had my hair cut, but those who read Boredom Eats Away may remember that I go to a place where they have a non-appointment schedule and coz I can't remember the names of the girls in there, I end up with anyone. Unfortunately this time it was the lady whom I don't like. She was nicer to me this time but was very quick cutting my hair. Usually it takes them ages!! I think I shall try the place around the corner from this one next time.

Been spending a lot of time on my laptop, yes people I treated myself to one with my brother's help to decide which one i should get. Was using it in bed yesterday morning, how lazy is that ;) Just waiting for a wifi thingy from my brother now so I can get on the internet with it. Until that happens it will just have to be done via my desktop!!

Back to work, went back on Friday (probably told you that already) but I was glad I did go back that day coz it wasn't such a shock today. Still working through the accounts.

The only other thing to report is that today is Trina's birthday :o) You all know Trina my bestest mate. So I sent her card home with Wayne her hubby and shall spend the day with her on Saturday.

Well that's all I really wanna say for now. Hope your all well and not suffering with this flippin' cold weather x


Thursday 1 January 2009

New Year, New Entry................

Hey peeps,

Well I'm sticking to my promise and here we are January 1st 2009 and I'm writing an entry :o)

So I hope you all had a good christmas break? Unfortunately I have to go back to work tomorrow boo...........I didn't have any days left to take it as leave like everyone else lol. Still at least we should be busy, we got our accounts just before the break so there's those to do. Usually we get four weeks to do them in but we've only got two!!!!! Should be fun! Plus with not many others in we have to muck in and do all sorts of stuff.

Anyway enough work talk which sucks lol............My christmas was good fun, I seemed to laugh a lot. Christmas day I played Pictionary with mum and Meggy. For those of you who haven't played it, you've basically gotta draw the word whilst the others guess it. If only I could describe to you some of mum's drawings they were hysterical!!!!! Well once we learnt what the word was they were ;) LOL...............
In the evening I went to Trina's and opened more pressies yay. We had a laugh in the car ride down and played Mario Kart on the Wii later so that was fun.

The rest of my break was spent sorting through my cupboard in the bedroom and sleeping!!! I feel like i haven't slept for a year or something and now I'm making up for it lol...........Plus i watched a few film's here and there, I got a few DVD's for christmas.

Last night I went to Trina's again. We got lots and lots of nibbles and had some alcohol. We watched a couple of films, played Mario Kart, played Guitar Hero 4, then it was new years, so we went out and watched the fireworks. Damn it was cold!!!! We also tried out a party trick. You get a party popper and a malteser and try to catch the malteser in the party popper once you've popped it. So much fun.....................If you want a good laugh and your stuck for something to do, go on have a go ;) I do warn you though make sure you have a lot of light available at the time, but don't do it indoors unless you want damages. We went outside to try it and of course coz it was dark couldn't see the maltesers go up in the air let alone see them land lol.............

Anyway so here we are in the new year..................what are you hoping for? Me, not a lot!!! I don't think anything will get better gig wise than last year, but perhaps my personal life could this year!! I guess we shall see....................I need to concentrate on me, that's my main goal this year!!! I know it sounds selfish but it's all in good measure honest ;) I wanna eat healthy and lose weight blah blah all the usual stuff.

Wish me luck lol

Wednesday 24 December 2008

Hey Journal Buddies :o)

Hope you are all well and ready for Christmas? I am currently at mum's typing this using her lap top. It's alright for some having a lap top isn't it? I bet most of you have one, well just know that I am very jealous of those of you who have one lol............
Anyway I know yet again I have to apologise I have been very slack in updating this journal. It's not that I have forgotten you all coz I haven't!! I have just been very very lazy and doing stupid things like playing internet games or spending FAR too much time on facebook!! I promise, and this is my solemn promise that in 2009 I will get back to updating, not everyday coz then my entries would get very boring but every few days or so. Plus there are many gigs to tell you about ;) I shall also get back to reading, as much as I can!
Well I just wanted to leave a quick message to wish all you bloggers out there:

Hope you all have a lovely time with your friends and family where ever you are xxx

Lots of hugs
P.s I was close to packing this in doing this entry as I couldn't figure out how to add graphics. Lucky you I have figured it out lol ;)